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An “Old” School Marketing Method That Still Works – MARKETING SMALL BUSINESS OFFLINE

An “Old” School Marketing Method That Still Works

"An “Old” School Marketing Method That Still Works"
While the following is not a new idea, it’s one that’s been all but forgotten by many would-be marketers. After all, what does a new online marketer want NOW? Money. So what do they chase after for months on end, often with little or no results? Money. Much like demanding the stove give you heat before you put the wood in and light the fire, they are putting the cart before the horse when they expect to make money overnight.

If this sounds like it might be you, then please consider this “old school” idea that works most every time: Carefully choose your niche, find out exactly what your niche wants to know, and then provide them with that content. For free. By doing this, you’re gaining traffic, you’re building credibility, you’re forging alliances with other movers and shakers in your niche, and most of all you’re building a loyal following who look to you for help and advice.

Once you have all of this in place, then and ONLY THEN do you begin selling. Yes, I know this method isn’t popular, especially when you can dash off an email promoting the latest greatest product. But be sure to also devote time to providing really great content to your audience for free. And if you forget why you’re doing it, remember it’s because you’re:

1. Establishing yourself as an authority in your niche which…
2. Builds your credibility and makes it easy to…
3. Forge alliances with other experts in your field and…
4. Get traffic from their websites that they willingly send you for free.
5. And best of all, you get a long list of people who WANT to hear from you…
6. Who open your emails
7. And who act on your recommendations.

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