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Category: Featured

featured articles on marketing small business offline

Is Your Advertising a Hit or Miss Proposition?

"Is Your Advertising a Hit or Miss Proposition? advertise for free"

… Try Advertising for FREE! Companies do not like to spend too much money on advertising because it it is often difficult to track a return on investment. Yes, you may bring in more people in the aftermath of an advertising campaign, but do you know how many of them were motivated by the marketing …

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Gathering Testimonials – May I Quote You?

"Gathering Testimonials - May I quote You?"

Have you ever wondered how to get more testimonials for your small business? But been afraid to ask for them? Do what I do: Whenever someone says something nice about my company (or me) in print, on the phone or in person, I say “thank you” and then follow it with “may I quote you?” …

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Want to Grow Your Business? Follow Up!

"Want to Grow Your Business? Follow Up!"

Do you want to grow your small business? Would you like to win friends and influence people? Would you like to be thought of as a consummate professional in your industry? Do you find yourself challenged with finding time (and the drive) to follow up? For me, following up can sometimes be a real challenge. …

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How to Collaborate with the Competition and Related Businesses

"How to Collaborate with the Competition:

to Promote Your Products and Services By Heidi Richards Mooney “Smart entrepreneurs know that strategic partnerships can mean the difference between failure and success. The days of going it alone are almost passe as companies increase their reach and their resources by finding other like-minded business professionals to partner with. Today it’s all about accessing …

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How to Keep Costs Under Control and Increase Profitability!

"How to Keep Costs Under Control and Increase Profitability"

“The bottom-line is that you are in business to make a profit.” Heidi Richards Mooney In any small business it is important to keep track of income and expenses. As small business-owners we are often so busy with the day to day operations, we overlook the most basic and yet the most important aspects of …

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