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How to develop relationships in business, maintain and strengthen the relationships you have and keep your customers and clients happy and other offline relationship marketing strategies

Building Business Relationships: Let’s Get Personal

"Building Business Relationships: Let's Get Personal"

15 Simple Tips that Can Build Stronger Relationships in Business By Heidi Richards Mooney If building relationships in your small business is important to you, and you are looking for some new ideas to help you build those relationships, then you will appreciate this list of 15 relationship building activities. Some of these ideas will …

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How to leverage On-hold time to add to your bottom line

"Ten tips to On Hold Profits"

Ten Tips to On Hold Profits Did you know that the average on-hold time in America is 43 seconds? If your on-hold message isn’t selling something or providing your customers and clients additional information, it’s time to do something about it. Leveraging on hold time is good customer service, it adds to the bottom line …

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Marketing Your Small Business Offline begins with Knowing Your customers

"Marketing Your Small Business Offline begins with Knowing Your customers"

Marketing receives its share of criticism, with much of the anger directed at the perceived unsubtlety of the advertising we see today. Most of us have probably changed channels when an annoying advertisement comes on TV, or voiced our displeasure at that ad being on again. In fact, many of us tune out when a …

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Cars, Customer Service and Competitive Advantage

"Use customer service Tto Market Your Small Business Offline this Holiday Season"

In business you need competitive advantage. And in may instances the BEST way to achieve that is not through lower pricing or even quality. In today’s marketplace, the best way to achieve competitive advantage is through CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I don’t just mean “lip service” but TRUE customer service. The kind people talk about… to their …

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Cultivate Profitable Strategic Alliances To Promote Your Business

"strategic alliances"

Strategic Alliances are formal relationships between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need while remaining independent organizations. (source: Wikipedia). A strategic alliance is based on an arrangement between two companies to combine resource that will help both gain a greater share of the …

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