Category: Relationship Marketing

How to develop relationships in business, maintain and strengthen the relationships you have and keep your customers and clients happy and other offline relationship marketing strategies

How to Communicate When Technology Gets in the Way

"Woman on the telephone"

Is it time to pick up the telephone? “Technology can sometimes compound (at a faster speed) the challenge human beings have had since the beginning of time and that is communicating in a way that both parties understand one another. It can even complicate the issue of what to say and how to say it.” Heidi …

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Becoming A Familiar Face In The Community

"Does your face stand out in the crowd"

Remember the saying, “out of sight is out of mind”?  It is especially true in business. With so much competition vying for the same audience, it is important to make yourself noticed. In fact, in order to be effective and efficient, the majority of offline marketing should be done in the local market, closest to …

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Types of Business Leads and How to Manage Them

"Follow Up Tips to Build Relationships and Referrals"

Managing Leads to Market Your Small Business Offline and Increase Your Closing Ratio The most important leads are those that are Hot, Hot, Hot should be given  first priority. I schedule at least two hours a week to follow up on leads, and begin with the hot leads. A hot lead is anyone who has …

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How Much Trade Goes on at a Trade Fair?

"Business People Standing in Front of a Globe"

Have you ever attended a business Trade Fair? Or for that matter any type of Trade Fair? If you have, you know that trade fairs have been part of local and regional business for some years now, and they are still an excellent way of getting more interest in your business. By attending trade fairs …

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