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Category: Small Business Profitability

Articles, strategies, ideas and tips for increasing profitability and your bottom line for your small business

Jumpstarting your Small Business in a Slow Economy

"grow your business offline"

Q. What can someone do when the economy is slow to “jumpstart” their small business again if you see there is a negative impact on the business? A. Here are three ideas I have tried that have worked for my retail business: Sampling ~ restaurants do it all the time. Give your product away to get …

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Back to School Business Lessons: Clean Out Your Desk

"Back to School Business Lessons: Clean Out Your Desk"

“A Clean Desk Is the Sign of a Sick Mind.” plaque seen in gift store No matter what pithy plaques say to the contrary, every good teacher knows that effective learning starts with a clean slate, a clean desk, and a clean page – and the same is true for business people. According to experts, Americans …

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Back to School Lessons for Your Small Business

"Back to School Lessons for Your Business - School Supplies"

The back-to-school season is upon us, and kids across the nation are sharpening their pencils and packing their lunch boxes as they ready for the first day of classes. But preparing for the academic season isn’t just for kids; business owners can take a tip from students and do their own back-to-school prep. Whether you’re …

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How to Keep Costs Under Control and Increase Profitability!

"How to Keep Costs Under Control and Increase Profitability"

“The bottom-line is that you are in business to make a profit.” Heidi Richards Mooney In any small business it is important to keep track of income and expenses. As small business-owners we are often so busy with the day to day operations, we overlook the most basic and yet the most important aspects of …

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