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Use CLASSIFIED Advertising to Sell Your Products Services

"classified advertising"

How to Use CLASSIFIED Advertising to Sell Your Products and Services The internet may be the dominant advertising medium these days, but newspaper and magazine classified advertising is still a very powerful advertising medium that can reap big rewards. Classified ads are much more cost effective than other forms of advertising, it is easy to …

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Putting More “You” and Less “I” in Your Marketing Message


“The traditional business definition of marketing is identifying and fulfilling customer needs. There’s no mention of your business. Marketing is all about the customer.”Heidi Richards Mooney Do you remember the “WIIFM” formula when designing your promotional tools? You know, the “what’s in it for me?” The “me” in this case is not about you, your …

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Is Sponsorship a SMART Idea For Your Small Business

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In today’s economy it is imperative that you think “SMART” when it comes to spending money to promote your business. By Smart I mean – Strategic, Methodical, Authentic, Realistic, and Targeted. Strategic marketing can take many forms. For instance you might consider a sponsorship program to market your small business offline. Sponsorships are an excellent …

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