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Tag: marketing

Make Direct Mail a Part of Your 2012 Marketing Plan

"mailbox direct mail"

So you want to start a direct mail campaign for 2012, but you aren’t sure where to begin or what type of offline marketing campaign to run? Before you do, you should know your options. Here are Eleven time-tested offline marketing direct-mail options for you to consider for your small business: Package inserts ~ a …

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No Time To Be Modest

"woman thinking"

There have been very few television advertisements that could be accused of being “understated” when it comes to pushing a product. The main point of an advertisement is getting the product or service brand name front and center in the eyes of potential customers. Ideally, it is best if you can do this without resembling …

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Putting More “You” and Less “I” in Your Marketing Message


“The traditional business definition of marketing is identifying and fulfilling customer needs. There’s no mention of your business. Marketing is all about the customer.”Heidi Richards Mooney Do you remember the “WIIFM” formula when designing your promotional tools? You know, the “what’s in it for me?” The “me” in this case is not about you, your …

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You Snooze, You Lose?

"woman hitting snooze button"

One of the most popular forms of marketing on the Internet is known as “viral” marketing. If you are not already aware of this, it is a form of marketing which involves placing advertisements on the Internet and creating a buzz around them by targeting them in a way which makes it almost impossible to …

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How to Jump Start Your Small Business in Any Economy

"jump start your marketing"

Need some ideas to jump-start your small business marketing in a slow economy? Here are a few ideas I have tried that have worked for my retail business: Sampling ~ restaurants do it all the time. Give your product away to get customers. Be sure you are targeting an audience that would buy from you …

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