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Marketing Your Small Business Offline begins with Knowing Your customers

"Marketing Your Small Business Offline begins with Knowing Your customers"

Marketing receives its share of criticism, with much of the anger directed at the perceived unsubtlety of the advertising we see today. Most of us have probably changed channels when an annoying advertisement comes on TV, or voiced our displeasure at that ad being on again. In fact, many of us tune out when a …

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The Drawbacks Of A Big-Hitting Strategy

"Hitting the Bullseye in Marketing Your Business Offline"

Many companies who are looking to make themselves more prominent in the public eye will go for a big-hitting strategy. Although it is expensive and maybe a risky strategy, they will buy TV time and record an advertisement to be shown on a local or regional station. Alternatively they may take out a full page …

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Literacy In Small Business Marketing A Dying Art?

"Spelling Mistakes in Marketing"

One of the most depressing sights in all of marketing is that of a company trying to appear to be “just like you”. There has been a rise in recent years in the number of companies who make advertisements that try too hard to position the company as “the customer’s friend” and perhaps the most …

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How to Get Your Name in Top Newspapers and Magazines

"Getting your name in the news microphone"

Recently I came across an interview I did with Deborah Brown-Volkman, President of Surpass Your Dreams –  a career and mentor coaching company with a message of motivation, success, and personal fulfillment.  The information is still very relevant and worth sharing on Marketing Small Business Offline. Many of the ideas Deborah shared are easily transferred to …

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Six More Marketing Ideas taken From the Speaking Profession

"offline marketing ideas taken from the speaking industry

Last month I started a topic about how I gathered information to create a small business marketing plan for the Florida Speakers Association. I asked members how they would spread the word about FSA both offline and online, who they suggest we connect with and contact (sharing their offline marketing ideas and resources) and how …

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