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How to leverage On-hold time to add to your bottom line

"Ten tips to On Hold Profits"

Ten Tips to On Hold Profits Did you know that the average on-hold time in America is 43 seconds? If your on-hold message isn’t selling something or providing your customers and clients additional information, it’s time to do something about it. Leveraging on hold time is good customer service, it adds to the bottom line …

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Cars, Customer Service and Competitive Advantage

"Use customer service Tto Market Your Small Business Offline this Holiday Season"

In business you need competitive advantage. And in may instances the BEST way to achieve that is not through lower pricing or even quality. In today’s marketplace, the best way to achieve competitive advantage is through CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I don’t just mean “lip service” but TRUE customer service. The kind people talk about… to their …

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Make Direct Mail a Part of Your 2012 Marketing Plan

"mailbox direct mail"

So you want to start a direct mail campaign for 2012, but you aren’t sure where to begin or what type of offline marketing campaign to run? Before you do, you should know your options. Here are Eleven time-tested offline marketing direct-mail options for you to consider for your small business: Package inserts ~ a …

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Putting More “You” and Less “I” in Your Marketing Message


“The traditional business definition of marketing is identifying and fulfilling customer needs. There’s no mention of your business. Marketing is all about the customer.”Heidi Richards Mooney Do you remember the “WIIFM” formula when designing your promotional tools? You know, the “what’s in it for me?” The “me” in this case is not about you, your …

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End of Year Marketing Planning


The holiday season countdown has begun which means customers and large and small business owners are getting ready for the end of the year. That does not mean you can relax your offline or online marketing efforts, yet. In fact, there is still time to reach out and market your products and services to your …

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